TPM - Taiwan Pulse Motion

Taiwan Pulse Motion (TPM), founded in 2009, is a forward-looking automation solution provider mainly focuses on EtherCAT® and Motionnet® based products. The product range covers Digital I/O, Analog I/O and closed-loop / micro-step drives and custom carrier board.

We are passionate about helping your business to grow through our specialized services. We do not only provide a wide range of EtherCAT/Motionnet products, but also offer time-to-market custom design solutions in a variety of applications and industries. We offer a ready to use turn-key robot control solution for providing high performance multi-axis motion control drives and a wide range of remote I/O modules at low cost that allow you to achieve the maximum throughput in robotics.

Our MyRobot control system is an easy-to-use robot software for beginners and advanced users. It’s a comprehensive tool for programming your robot with a user-friendly interface.

  • ready to use turn-key robot control solution
  • high performance
  • low cost

Products from TPM - Taiwan Pulse Motion

Low cost solutions built with RBTX