IPR – Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter GmbH

Our Product-Portfolio and Quality are Top-Notch

Our product range of standard automation modules includes a selection of grippers and tool changers, joining and compensation elements, rotary modules, force-torque sensors, load limiters and 7th axes for industrial robots. The individual segments offer different sizes for all load ranges. The excellent quality of our products guarantees high availability and thus smooth operation in the production process.The extensive gripper program ranges from standardized modules to customer-specific solutions with pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components. Further product segments include end-of-arm tooling with a portfolio consisting of tool changers, compliance wrists and alignment devices, load limiters and force & torque sensors.

From Standardised to Customized

For customer-specific solutions, we combine custom-made components with standardised building blocks to reduce design and delivery times as well as cost. Our company provides these services to a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry and its suppliers, machine tool and plant engineering firms, retail companies, the electrical industry as well as the renewable energy, medical technology and aerospace industries. Our know-how, most notably in the realm of customer-specific solutions and systems, is the result of many years of experience combined with the company’s team of experts.Our employees are professionals in their field and have extensive knowledge of industry and production processes. Thus, we are constantly developing innovative, high-quality and high-performance solutions.

  • 105 Employees worldwide
  • From Standardised to Customized

Products from IPR – Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter GmbH

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