Over time, digitization has lost its relevance in the industry. The strong fatigue to change means that the once ambitious goals fall short to the operative, daily business. Driven by our own frustration with the (digital) standstill in the industry, we founded andugo 2020, a company with the mission to accelerate digitalization for good. The dependencies of international supply chains and the sell-off of regional technology leaders must be decisively countered. We accelerate regional production sites and industrial SMEs in decisively expanding their international competitiveness. Together with our growing partner network, we are shaping the industry of tomorrow by redefining industrial B2B collaboration. With andugo.io, companies optimize their key performance indicators, reduce cost, and stand out from the market. In the global B2B network, individual requirements of mechanical engineering are brought together with the best professional offer: Across companies & industries, reliably, and exactly when you need it.

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  • Industrial collaboration

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